February 11, 2022

Finding Love With Words With Friends

Valentine’s Day is here and love is in the air! There are so many loving couples out there, each with their own, unique love stories. But, even though the details of each love story are different, there are only so many ways that one person can meet another. A 2019 study aggregated the data from the past five decades, to learn where people meet their partners.

Through Friends

Since the 1960s, the one response which has always ranked at or near the top of ‘How Couples Meet’, is through mutual friends. In the 1960s, 19% of couples said they met through friends, a number which stayed relatively steady through the years, still accounting for 17% of responses in the 2010s.

At School

Whether being high school sweethearts, or going to college together, many couples met at school. However, this is the one meeting place which has shrunk the most considerably over the years. Meeting at school was the most common place for romance to bloom in the 1960s, with 22% of respondents identifying it. However, by the 2010s, this number dropped by more than half, to 10%.


Unsurprisingly, meeting online took the largest leap between the 1960s and 2010s. Most of you are likely ahead of the game on this one, knowing that the internet has taken huge leaps in recent years. But, even looking at the difference between couples who met online in the 2000s and the 2010s, the number of respondents jumped from 9% to 19%, which was the most common response in the 2010s. Even though we’re only two years into the 2020s, it’s a fair bet this number will only grow the next time a list like this is created.

On Words With Friends?

Is Words With Friends a dating site? Sometimes! Even though Words With Friends wasn’t a common enough meeting place to find its way onto this survey doesn’t mean we’re out of the dating game entirely! Words With Friends is a great way for new couples to meet and interact, even sustaining long distance relationships, and has led to several lasting relationships. Take a look below to meet some of the fantastic couples who’ve seen their romances bloom, one tile at a time.

Winston and Susie

In 2017 Winston and Susie met by playing Words With Friends. Their relationship developed over a course of months, as they continued their interactions through dozens of games of Words With Friends. Eventually, their virtual relationship took the next step with a dinner date, which continued to blossom. Winston and Susie got married in August of 2020!

Nirmala and David

You never know who you may get paired against when you play a Words With Friends Match of the Day. In David’s case, it turned out to be his future wife! While searching for more people to play, he invited his future wife, Nirmala, to a game. He sent her a short greeting message in the chat, and once she responded, their relationship began to grow. Even though, in his words, David routinely got his butt kicked, it didn’t hinder his feelings, and the couple got married in July of 2021.

Megan and Jasper

We all know the frustration of not having enough opponents to play against. You’re looking for a game of Words With Friends, but your normal opponents are taking too long to make their move. In Megan’s case, this frustration turned on its head when she matched against a random opponent, Jasper. Their relationship started slow, exchanging pleasantries over the chat function; starting as a friendship before it slowly built into something more. As it turns out, slow and steady won this race, as Megan and Jasper got married in July 2011!

Love is On the Board

A Words with Friends competition developing into more isn’t a rare occurrence, either. According to a 2017 Zynga survey, an impressive amount of people are open to finding love on Words with Friends. Out of 118,000 Words with Friends players surveyed, we found that 40% of players would be willing to date someone they met through the game.
Not only that, but having skill with the tiles makes you more attractive; 38% of players indicated that someone being talented at the game made them more appealing. 47% of players reported having a crush on someone with whom they were currently playing a game, and 10% of people had actually hooked up with someone they met on the app. But Words with Friends love isn’t reserved for people meeting in the game, either. 24% of players said they would be more likely to give out their Words with Friends handle to an attractive stranger than their phone number.

Vday data

Prepare for Valentine’s Day

Finding love is difficult, especially during a time when going out and meeting new people comes with restrictions and worries. So, this Valentine’s Day, rather than going out and trolling bars for a potential match, why not jump into a game of Words with Friends? With so many exciting game modes, and thousands of potential matches waiting for your request, why not give it a try?

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