December 1, 2021

6 Ways To Cheat On Words With Friends Without Actually Cheating

This article won’t teach you how to cheat on Words With Friends, but we can do you one better by listing some fantastic tips and tricks to help you dominate; whether you’re playing one of the WordMasters or against friends and strangers.

Plan and Play Words Strategically

Strategy is everything! Even before you play your move, you should be thinking about what opportunities you might be giving your opponent.

Plan ahead to play long words, possibly even laying out all the tiles on your rack in one turn as playing all your tiles could earn you a whopping 35 extra points.

Furthermore, if you can mix that with a few bonus squares in the right places, then it’s not out of the question to score in the 100’s on one single play!

Nail the DL, TL, DW, and TW Squares

The best way to maximize the value of your tiles is to play them on the bonus squares. Save up your good letters with high tile scores, such as J, X, or Z, and combine them with a triple letter or triple word scores, or even better, try to get both triple letter and triple word scores at the same time for massive point totals.

Also trying to layout horizontal or vertical words that align with more than one of these squares on the board will help drive up your point total.

Plan to use up these bonus squares on the gameboard so your opponent doesn’t and focus your words on the center of the gameboard so you don’t make it easier for your opponent to stretch their letters over to any of these squares.

Triple words make or break games so try not to set words up near a triple word or a triple letter square unless you can gobble them up before your opponent does.

Prefixes and Suffixes

Add letters to the existing words on your gameboard to earn more points. A few ways to do this are by changing the tense of a word or making it plural.

If you have the letters DIS, MIS, RE, UN, ED, ET, ES, etc., or just S, take note. Adding a simple S or even an ER to the end of high-scoring words, located near a bonus square, can also increase your score dramatically while giving your opponent fewer letters to be able to form a word of them.

Knowing your prefixes and suffixes are fundamentally key to a quick yet efficient game – especially if you’re trying to extend the word played by your opponent.

Check out this video for more information on prefixes and suffixes:

Mind your Q, Z, J, and X’s

Do not fear the Q. This tile, as well as the somewhat less-frightening X, Z, and J offer some high-scoring potential.

The placement of these letters and corresponding words would prove to be a godsend to your overall victory. So if you get a Q at the beginning of the game, try not to play Qi for 11 points; instead, play Qi for 31 when you can at a later stage in the game.

Also, a high tile turnover rate is good for your rack of tiles. It increases your chances of getting J, Q, X, and Z, and decreases your opponent’s chances of getting them sooner and thereby using these tiles against you.

Use Your Power Ups!

This seems obvious, but we are sometimes prone to forgetting that power ups exist. Power ups in Words With Friends are Hindsight, Word Radar, Tile Swap+, and Word Clue.

The Dreaded Consonant and Vowel Overload

We’ve all been there and though the tile distribution is random, landing a rack full of vowels or consonants can put anyone off their game!

Exchanging your rack of vowels or consonants using the Tile Swap+ power-up would be the obvious thing to do. But before you swap, consider evaluating your game board for any opportunities to tie prefixes or suffixes onto the existing words.

While many of us would love to memorize the entire dictionary, it’s not a realistic possibility. Therefore, a helpful tip is to take note of a few valid words that are independent of any vowels or consonants like, “MYRRH,” “XYLYL,” “PSST,” “EAU,” or “AE” for example.


Just like any game, practice is a sure way to improve your word-building skills. Add in some or all of these strategies to your gameplay and you could become an excellent Words With Friends player in no time!

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