March 31, 2022

Game Modes of Words with Friends

Words with Friends has come such a long way since its launch more than ten years ago! While we will always have the tried and true traditional game of Words with Friends, we’re constantly adding new and exciting game modes, to spice up your play experience. If you’re looking to brush up on your skills before challenging your ultimate rival to a game, check out the Solo Challenges. Do you want to put the scoreboard away and just relax? Try out the Word Wheel! Are you looking to ramp up the intensity? Lightning Duels may be for you. Whatever your taste, Words with Friends has the perfect mode for you!

Words with friends 2: Classic game

This is it, the classic. Whenever anyone says ‘Words with Friends’ this is what they’re likely thinking of. You and an opponent, a rack of seven tiles on each side. You take turns crafting your rack into words, You must connect your word to something already existing on the board, getting points for each tile you play. There are bonus spaces scattered across the board, Double and Triple Letter and Word spaces, each of which multiply your score in some fashion. You alternate making plays until the tiles run out.

This is the style of play that is a favorite of people trying to play Words with Friends online. The fact that there is no timer on your moves allows a game to be played with people across the world. In fact, this Classic version of Words with Friends has even led strangers to fall in love!

Solo Challenge

The Solo Challenge is a great way to exercise your brain in short bursts. In Solo Challenges you’ll play against a set of computer opponents in a short, 5 round game. These opponents will have fun themes, like Famous Female Scientists, or Rock Bands, and will get harder with each additional level you beat.

The Solo Challenges provide an array of cool prizes. Each competitor you beat will grant you a Mystery Box to open, and if you manage to beat them all, you’ll earn a badge, as a testament to your skill! But don’t take these challenges lightly, the competitors start to get very tough near the top of the ladder; in order to beat them all, you’ll really need to be playing your best!

Quick Play Events

Quick Play Events are a fun way to measure your progress against a Leaderboard of other players. By jumping in a quick play event, you’ll be given one of a rotating selection of fast, player versus player, minigames. The better you do in these mini-games, the more stars you’ll earn, which, in turn, boosts your ranking on the leaderboards. At the end of the Quick Play Event, which usually lasts three and a half days, the players at the top of the leaderboards will be rewarded for their efforts with Mystery Boxes!

Word Wheel

The Word Wheel is a way to relax and have fun with words. You’ll be given a ‘Wheel’ of seven letters, out of which you’ll make as many words as you can. Each word you find will either populate the Crossword Puzzle, or give you a special bonus. With no opponents, and no timer on your moves, you’ll be able to have fun at your own pace as you work your way through the levels of Word Wheel challenges!

Lightning Round

The Lightning Round provides a new twist to the traditional Words with Friends gameplay; namely by being a real-time team game! Work together with your team of five players against an opposing team. Each player starts out with a game board, on which they make a move, then the boards rotate, so players will see a new board. The play continues until one team reaches 1,000 points. Then, whichever player scores the most points for their team will earn MVP honors. Can you be the MVP of a winning team in the Lightning Round?

Daily Word Play

Are you looking for a way to develop your late-game strategy? Daily Word Play is right for you! You’ll be given a board already filled with words, and it’s up to you to find the best available play. Once you rack up enough points, you’ll earn a Mystery Box, which can help with in-game Power Ups! Even if you reach your goal, you can keep going until the prize refreshes. The Daily Word Play is a great way to keep your mind active while waiting for your friends to make their move.

Get Playing!

There are so many varieties of gameplay for you to enjoy, so get out there and try them out. You never know if a new favorite style of play is waiting just around the corner. You may learn something new about yourself, or just sharpen your skills for your next game of Classic Words with Friends, either way, it’s sure to be a good time! If you don’t see all these game modes in your game, don’t worry! If you download the Words with Friends app in your app store, everything will be there waiting for you!

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