May 5, 2022

Words With J

The letter J is one of the most popular letters to be used in personal names. You can quickly make a list of J names at the top of your head – James, John, Jessica, Jane, Jarvis, Julia, Jason, Joshua, Joseph….the list goes on and on.

But aside from personal names, the letter J is the fourth least frequently used letter in the English language after z, x, and q. Its rarity makes it easier to understand why the letter J is one of the high-scoring letters in Words With Friends, being worth a whopping 10 points along with other tough letters such as words with Z, which is worth the same amount.

Not to worry, we’ve got you covered! Here is a total list of 68 words that you can use in your next match:

Words that start with J

To start off simple, here is a list of words with J at the beginning:

Jumboize33 points
Jambeaux31 points
Jonquils29 points
Jackfish29 points
Jackdaw28 points
Jumbucks32 points
Jacquard31 points
Jumbling28 points
Janizary29 points
Jemmying28 points
Jackpot26 points
Jukebox31 points
Junkman26 points
Junkmen26 points
Jynxes25 points
Jockey24 points
Jumble23 points
Jinxed24 points
Jumped23 points
Jacked23 points
Jumbo21 points
Jump20 points
Juke18 points
Jouk18 points
Jock20 points
Jiff19 points
Jowl17 points
Junk19 points
Jinx21 points
Job15 points
Jam15 points
Joy14 points
Jag14 points
Jug15 points
Jaw15 points

Here’s a quick fun fact about the letter J! While it is common knowledge that the letter Z ends the alphabet, the letter J was actually the last letter added. Gian Giorgio Trissino, an Italian Renaissance grammarian added it in 1524.

In honor of J being a late addition to the alphabet – here’s a list of words, ending with the letter J:

Words that end with J

Svaraj19 points
Swaraj18 points
Hajj24 points
Hadj16 points
Haj14 points
Raj12 points
Taj12 points
Tej12 points

And lastly, here is a list of words containing the letter J:

Words with J in them

Flapjack31 points
Slapjack28 points
Banjaxed28 points
Whipjack32 points
Highjack30 points
Quillaja29 points
Azulejo27 points
Carjack26 points
Bijoux26 points
Popjoy23 points
Hijack23 points
Subject23 points
Underjaw23 points
Unjudged24 points
Killjoy24 points
Enjoy17 points
Ejection21 points
Conjure21 points
Conjoint22 points
Bejeweled25 points
Adjacent22 points
Adjust17 points
Pajama21 points
Pajama21 points
Mojito18 points

That’s our list, Wordies! We hope that you were able to learn some new words and a bit of history behind the famous letter. While the letter J may be one of the least used letters in the English language, but with a little bit of brain power (and help from us) there’s a plethora of options waiting to be used against your opponent.

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