January 5, 2022

What are Words With Friends power ups and how can you use them to win?

Whether you play Words With Friends on your computer, iPad or phone, power ups are always a great way to gain an advantage over your competition.

What are Power Ups?

The Words With Friends power ups are the perfect saviors, specially created to guide players along their journey towards learning and having fun. These power ups are special tools that can help you enhance your strategic thinking skills.

They are limited in number and can be used during a game, which in turn spends that power up. Words With Friends currently has four such tools available that have different abilities to choose from. They are Tile Swap Plus, Hindsight, Word Radar, and Word Clue.

How can you use Power Ups?

Knowing how and when to properly use a power up, to get the most out of each one, comes with experience and by understanding how words work.

They can be used in several different ways, all subjective to the players and their gameplay strategy.

Here is a list of all the power ups and a few different ways in which you can use of them:

  • Tile Swap Plus

    What if we told you that you could swap tiles without sacrificing a turn? Well, Tile Swap Plus can help you do just that!

    This will prove to be quite handy whether you’re stuck with a rack full of consonants or vowels that you cannot use to make a useful word or when you need just a letter to make a really good high-scoring word.

    However, it might be wise to check your Tile Bag to see what’s left before swapping your tiles as you can only use one Tile Swap Plus per turn, and it also chooses the letters to swap randomly.

  • Word Radar

    Word Radar highlights all the places it is possible for you to play a word using your current tile rack. You could use Word Radar if you’re unsure of where to play the next word or when you’re trying to predict your opponent’s next move.

    This also comes in handy towards the end of a game when your gameboard is mostly filled in and you’re left with just a few tiles that need to be placed strategically in order to seal the deal.

  • Hindsight

    Sometimes you’re just not convinced the word you played chalked up the most amount of points and think you could’ve done better. We’ve all been there and that’s exactly when Hindsight comes into play.

    Hindsight is to be used after you have already played your turn and it shows you the highest scoring move that was available to you. If the Hindsight icon is greyed out after you have played your turn, this is because the move you played was the highest scoring move available – good job!

    This power up can serve as a brilliant opportunity to learn, strategize and improve your astuteness and vocabulary.

  • Word Clue

    Word Clue highlights an area and the tiles you could play with. This is a perfect power up to use when you’re stuck and have no other viable option.

    By using Word Clue, you will see a highlighted area of the gameboard where you could play a word using the featured tiles from your tile rack. Do note that this only shows an option, but not necessarily the highest scoring word.

    A bonus tip worth noting is to use the built in dictionary. You can search any word to see if it’s valid using the dictionary within the Words With Friends app. It might not feel like a power up right off the bat, but it’s another tool in the box which will push you that much closer to your next win.

How can you get Power Ups?

Words With Friends has a wide range of games from the Solo & Weekly Challenges, Rewards Pass, Lightning Rounds, Word Rivals, Word Wheel, and much more.

You can earn power-ups by completing these daily, weekly or seasonal challenges or you could also exchange your accumulated coins for packs of power-ups.

Alternatively, you could even make in-app purchases with a variety of options to buy coins and power-ups.


Now that you have the scoop on what power ups do, when to use them, and how to earn them, it’s time to use these learnings to play your best moves yet!

Whether you play the original Words With Friends or the newer Words With Friends 2, the game is an infallible way of having fun with one another while enjoying some friendly competition.

Click here to play the game on your computer or if you’d rather have the freedom of playing on your mobile device, click here to download the Words With Friends 2 app.

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