November 23, 2021

Word Games for English Language Learning

Do you wish you could remember the English words you learned two weeks ago? Or the grammar you started to learn a year ago, and how can you have fun in the process? Read on to find out!

Basics of Language Learning

Learning a new language is one of the most enriching skills we can acquire over a lifetime and vocabulary can be considered to be one of the key aspects in this process, which links the four skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing all together.

In order to communicate well in English or any other foreign language, learners should acquire an adequate number of words while also learning how to appropriately use them. Therefore, it becomes essential to introduce vocabulary through interesting ways.

Word Games to Learn English

English word games like Words With Friends, make English practice fun and encourage you to sustain your interest in learning it. They also help you memorize words, practice speaking and writing in English in a way that’s both exciting and educational.

The use of word games also addresses specific learner needs. This would mean that, for intermediate and advanced learners, traditional techniques for teaching basic vocabulary might be given a lower priority and instead games can be customized to suit the proficiency level of each player.

Here are some ways word games can help to effectively improve vocabulary:

  • Games to learn English are highly motivating and interesting thus giving you more opportunities to express your opinions and feelings.
  • They usually involve friendly competition and keep the learners engaged.
  • Playing word games can be relaxing and enjoyable, thus helping you learn and retain new words more easily.
  • Word games add diversion to the regular classroom schedule by bringing in a more enjoyable and interactive way of learning.

As someone learning English as a second language, you could sometimes find yourself in situations where the meaning of a certain word is unclear and such instances might occur more often than one would like to admit but there’s no shame in not knowing. You could easily be acquainted with the exact meaning of a word and it’s pronunciation by using the Words With Friends’ built-in dictionary anytime, anywhere.

Word Games to Improve Thematic Vocabulary

But what if you can already hold your own with all four skills that determine language proficiency and instead, you’re looking to improve your vocabulary thematically? Like knowing more words related to gardening, or finding more eloquent words to describe your favorite dish, sport or hobby. Well, word games can prove to be your savior here too!

    1. Here’s a timed quiz to help build your vocabulary where you’re asked to identify things that are green in color by choosing between the options listed.In this video, you’re required to create as many words as you can using the letters in holiday themed words.
    2. Can you find all the seven hidden words with “z” in this word search puzzle?
      word search puzzle

Test Your English Skills

Let’s mix things up a bit and test your language skills. We have gone ahead and listed a few examples of word puzzles and corresponding hints; all you need to do is try and guess the answer but remember, no cheating! 😉

Hint: The sequence of numbers assigned to pages in a book is called _________? Unscramble the word tiles to find out!
Hint: What part of your sushi should never touch the soy sauce when eating nigiri?
scrambled words
Hint: What would ________ be without the ________? Unscramble the word tiles to fill in the blanks!

For those of us who enjoy solving riddles and brain teasers, give these puzzles a shot and see if you get them right. Good luck!





Learning English or any new language requires a tremendous deal of determination and motivation. So why not have fun and engage in healthy competition in the process?

You could use Words With Friends, one of the world’s most popular social word games, on your journey to excel at learning English, Spanish, French, German, Italian or Portuguese.

Play Words With Friends online or by downloading the game via the App Store or Google Play Store.

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