May 13, 2022

Words With Friends and the Word Radar Power-Up

Since starting out in 2009, Words With Friends has evolved past your typical word game. Words With Friends is now known as a great way to exercise one’s mind.

Words With Friends uses the player’s brain power to keep players entertained, educated, and keep their competitive spirit alive. Players are encouraged to invite friends and family to play or go solo in various game modes that are meant to stimulate a player’s cognitive abilities.

With the introduction of Power-Ups to the word game, players are able to gain a competitive advantage over their opponents. Power-Ups can be the perfect savior for players and require a strategic and creative mind to understand them and know when best to use them. Currently there are four Power-Ups – Tile Swap, Word Clue, Hindsight, and Word Radar.

What is Word Radar?

One of the most popular Power-Ups in the game is the Word Radar. Word Radar highlights all the places it is possible for you to play a word using your current tile rack. You could use Word Radar if you’re unsure of where to play the next word or when you’re trying to predict your opponent’s next move.

Word Radar especially comes in handy towards the end of a game when your gameboard is mostly filled in and you’re left with just a few tiles that need to be placed strategically in order to seal the deal.

Some tips on using Word Radar:

  • Keep an eye on your Word Strength meter! If you’re meter is low, this would be the best time to use Word Radar
  • Assist yourself in finding the word with 7+ letters with Word Radar in order to receive the bonus word points!
  • Be mindful of stacking your Power-Ups as using another Power-Up after Word Radar will remove Word Radar from your board.
  • Supercharge your Word Radar with coins! Using 30 coins will point out where all of the big-scoring words are located on the board

Still want to know more about how to use Word Radar? We’ve got you covered with our Tips & Tricks video!

How to Get Word Radar

First things first, you have to get some Word Radar Power-ups in game. There are multiple ways in the game that you’re able to secure yourself some Power-Ups.

Power-Ups like Word Radar are always available for purchase in the store. However, if you are able to gather and stock up on Power-Ups by completing daily bonuses, completing daily goals, earn them by competing and completing in Solo Challenge Tiers, through Solo Challenge Stars, or even inviting family and friends to join the game!


Now you’re all caught up on Word Radar 101!

With all your new knowledge, it’s time to use what you’ve learned about Word Radar in game. Word Radars is available in Words With Friends 2 for Solo Challenges, Practice Mode, and one-on-one games with other players!

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