November 23, 2021

Words With X

Which X is worse? Finding X in an algebraic equation or playing a word with X on Words WIth Friends?

Well, we hope you chose the latter because when it comes to mathematics, every equation has a standard process of solving but with words, it’s a bit more complicated.

X is one of the easiest high-scoring letters you can use on Words With Friends as it’s worth 8 points but it’s also one of those rare specimens that takes a bit of effort to get the hang of.

Here are a few easy to learn words, starting with X, that you might have heard of or even used before:

Words starting with X

Xu 10 points
Xenia13 points
Xeroxed22 points
Xylocarp24 points
Xenophobe25 points
Xenophobic29 points
Xylographic31 points
Xi 9 points
Xylene17 points
Xanthic20 points
Xenogamy23 points
Xylocarps25 points
Xylography29 points
Xylophagous29 points
Xes 10 points
Xyloid 17 points
Xiphoid20 points
Xylotomy23 points
Xylophone25 points
Xylographs27 points
Xerophytism28 points
Xis 10 points
Xylose16 points
Xerarch19 points
Xenology21 points
Xenophile23 points
Xenophobia26 points
Xylographer28 points
Xyst 13 points
Xenial 15 points
Xanthan18 points
Xanthene19 points
Xerograph23 points
Xenobiotic24 points
Xeriscaping27 points
Xerox 19 points
Xoanon 15 points
Xylenes18 points
Xenolith19 points
Xanthenes20 points
Xenophiles24 points
Xylophonist27 points
Xebec18 points
Xyster 15 points
Xerotic17 points
Xanthate18 points
Xenoliths20 points
Xerographs24 points
Xenobiotics25 points
Xylem 18 points
Xystos 15 points
Xysters16 points
Xerosere15 points
Xanthates19 points
Xenografts23 points
Xerophilies25 points
Xenon 14 points
Xenias 14 points
Xerosis14 points
Xylograph26 points
Xeroseres16 points
Xenologist21 points
Xenologists22 points

What if you need a word ending with X? We’ve got you covered! Take a look at some of the high-scoring words ending with X listed below.

Words ending with X

Ax 9 points
Box13 points
Crux15 points
Choux18 points
Climax20 points
Pharynx22 points
Appendix23 points
Ex 9 points
Cox13 points
Onyx 14 points
Unbox17 points
Icebox19 points
Perplex21 points
Cineplex23 points
Ox 9 points
Fax13 points
Faux 15 points
Unmix18 points
Prefix19 points
Beeswax20 points
Supermax22 points
Zax 19 points
Jeux 21 points
Kylix19 points
Banjax26 points
Fuzzbox39 points
Jambeaux31 points
Pepperbox28 points
Pyx15 points
Jinx21 points
Affix18 points
Bijoux26 points
Jukebox 31 points
Jewelbox31 points
Subclimax27 points
Kex14 points
Doxx 19 points
Bemix18 points
Paxwax26 points
Packwax27 points
Checkbox30 points
Multiplex25 points
Mux14 points
Flux 16 points
Calyx18 points
Bombyx24 points
Equinox25 points
Quadplex30 points
Signalbox23 points
Vex14 points
Brux 15 points
Capax18 points
Bugfix22 points
Lockbox25 points
Biconvex26 points
Spondulix23 points
Vox13 points
Calx 15 points
Capex18 points
Convex21 points
Conflux23 points
Crucifix25 points
Dorsiflex21 points

Want to go straight to the words that contain X? Here are all the highest scoring words containing X, not including the 30-point bonus if you use all seven letters.

Words containing X

Axe10 points
Poxy16 points
Maxi14 points
Oxbow18 points
Boxing19 points
Oxidize24 points
Kickboxer30 points
Oxy12 points
Waxy16 points
Oxim14 points
Proxy17 points
Except19 points
Pickaxe24 points
Oxygenize30 points
Oxo10 points
Vext15 points
Luxe13 points
Vexed17 points
Exempt19 points
Asphyxy23 points
Juxtapose29 points
Doxx19 points
Coxa14 points
Zaxes21 points
Vixen17 points
Exhume19 points
Fauxhawk28 points
Exorcized29 points
Boxy16 points
Dexy14 points
Buxom19 points
Boxed16 points
Expect19 points
Flexibly25 points
Exoticize28 points
Foxy16 points
Doxy14 points
Mixup19 points
Codex16 points
Faxing19 points
Foxglove25 points
Expertize28 points
Pixy16 points
Exam14 points
Cylix18 points
Exequy25 points
Fixing19 points
Vexillum25 points
Outjinxed28 points
Sexy13 points
Exec14 points
Flaxy18 points
Jinxes23 points
Hypoxic24 points
Vexingly25 points
Oxidizable31 points
Mixt14 points
Expo14 points
Maxim18 points
Boxful21 points
Maximum24 points
Banjaxing32 points
Complexity29 points

Finding words that begin with X can be hard but not impossible. There are a plethora of words starting with, ending with, and containing the letter X, including those listed in this article.

Be sure to incorporate these words into your vocabulary and ace your next match on Words With Friends.

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